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Which Retreat Is Right for My Forum?

Customized Retreat

If your forum has mastered the basics and is ready for the next level, you need a Customized Retreat. Kaley can help you identify and explore themes that stretch and deepen your forum.

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Transformational Forum

If your forum is interested in a new way of being, you could be eligible for Transformational Forum. This retreat requires a spirit of transparency, curiosity and self-revelation, which form the foundation for deep personal and professional insights.

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Forum Training

If you are a new YPO member, launching a new forum, or looking to make sure you start on the right foot, Forum Training will ensure you have the foundation, tools, and knowledge of each other you need to create a rich forum experience.

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Chapter Events

Kaley is a highly sought-after resource for YPO chapter events, area conferences, and universities. She works closely with the Education chairs and Event Champions to create memorable experiences for YPOers, WPOers, and spouses.

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Customized Retreats

Based on common experiences, situations and goals, Kaley works with the group to identify themes to explore. Popular themes include balance, legacy, personality, goals, conscious leadership, seeing blind spots, and deepening Forum sharing and knowledge. Through responses to a confidential questionnaire and discussions with the Moderator or Retreat Chair, Kaley tailors the exercises, facilitated conversations and processes into a cohesive working agenda. From a Supercharge to a uniquely crafted retreat, often members - and the entire forum -  experience breakthroughs in their lives.

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Kaley’s approach to Forum Retreats

Transformational Forum

Transformational Forum is the next era of Forum. TF complements and significantly expands on YPO-WPO’s proven Forum model, representing the cutting-edge best practices of small-group leadership, interpersonal dynamics, and personal transformation.

This retreat is the best way to learn the new Four-Step Presentation Model. The end goal is to transform the type and depth of discussions to deep and meaningful levels.  This offers the opportunity for continuous member learning – about themselves and about how to interact in a more open, personal and authentic way.

The "movement" for Transformational Forum was started by Shirzad Chamine's article. For details on the Forum retreat structure, read more here, or contact Kaley for how it would work in your Forum.

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Forum Training

Forum Fundamentals

Forum Fundamentals ensures every member is familiar with the guidelines, norms, protocol and meeting structure that help Forums provide high value.

The program ensures each attendee is equipped with:

  • Vision: a shared definition of what you want your forum to be or the skills to define it in your Forum.
  • Guidelines: the structures, agreements and best-practices that keep the forum on track.
  • Structure: the best agenda and processes to get the most out of your time together.
  • Protocol: a common language to explore issues and deepen sharing.
  • Self-Exploration Basics: the building blocks for meaningful presentations and explorations.
  • Conflict Skills: a proven tool to safely and respectful address conflict or issues.
  • Foundational Coaching Questions: a methodology and structure for helping presenters identify the true question they want to address.
  • Topics to Explore: a list of worthwhile individual and forum explorations.

Moderator Training

The success of a forum is greatly affected by the leadership of its moderator. Ideally, the moderator and assistant moderator can attend together to enhance the adoption of “Best Practices”.

Topics covered include:

  • Shared Principles: ensuring your Forum has the foundation to support the best possible experience.
  • Going Deeper: From updates through experience sharing; creating a meaningful level of sharing among all members.
  • Meeting Structure: Creating the most effective agenda and protocol.
  • New Tools: Training on YPO’s new 4-STEP presentation process.
  • Meaningful Presentations: How to use the various presentation formats for highest take-home value.
  • Addressing Conflict: Safely address conflict and reach resolution within a forum.
  • Continuous Growth: Guidance to identify and adjust to your forum’s stage of life.
  • Moderator Exercises, Tips and Tools: Tactical suggestions to help a moderator be successful.
  • Tailored Topics: Specific areas of interest or concern for attendees.
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Chapter and Education Events

Kaley is a highly sought-after resource for YPO chapter events, area conferences, and universities. She works closely with the Education chairs and Event Champions to create memorable experiences for YPOers, WPOers, and spouses.  Events range from 45-minute addresses to multi-day Presidents Retreats. Participants finish the event bonded, with Forum-like relationships at the Chapter level, take-home value, and higher commitment to the group and all Education events.

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"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kaley in forum retreats, forum training and corporate training. Kaley should be considered as a resource for any YPO forum or corporate training. It would be a loss to any organization if they did not access her wealth of knowledge.”
Randy Brodsky
President, Primus Aerospace
Rocky Mountain YPO Forum Officer
“Kaley is an excellent study of her audience, and she tapers her style to reach all personality types. Not only does she significantly elevate the effectiveness of my forum’s communication, but she also imparts on us the tools necessary to function at the highest level in her absence.
Michael Rogers
CEO, Dorsey Alston, Realtors
YPO Southern 7
“She has an unequalled ability to create a safe environment in order to maximize learning and personal growth. Her focus, energy and sensitivity have been instrumental in our process to learn how to communicate meaningfully.”
Eric Morin
CEO, Bouty
YPO Quebec
“From the outset, Kaley instilled a sense of discipline and somehow managed to herd different personality types into a cohesive direction and trusted group. Kaley takes the time to know each member, and truly cares about the whole health of our Forum.”
Pierce Ledbetter
CEO, LEDIC Realty Company
YPO Southern 7 Forum Officer
“Kaley has the bright talented energy of someone younger than I with the class, charm and personal touch of the generation that raised me. Kaley, you are the best!
Mike Abercrombie
CEO, DevelopMentor
WPO Angeleno
Kaley is an outstanding facilitator and human being. I have worked with Kaley on three different occasions and she and her work have changed my life.”
Kelly Murumets
CEO, Tennis Canada
YPO Upper Canada Chapter
Kaley's mastery of the nuance of superior forum norms and practices could dramatically improve most forum experiences. We recommend her to assist all
forums seeking a truly life changing experience.”
Jeff Snipes
CEO, Ninth House
YPO Golden Gate
I appreciate Kaley’s deeply grounded presence, expert use of visuals, quick smile and ability to set the group at ease. Kaley created the conditions where members had to look beyond their assumptions to see the jewels hidden within each person.”
Peter Evans
President, aFgo Associates
Education Chair, WPO Pacific Northwest
"Kaley has facilitated my forum retreat the last 3 years. Our forum has grown as a group and I’ve learned so much about myself during our retreats with her. Kaley is an 11 out of 10."
John Udelson,
YPO New England
CEO and Founder, Crane & Lion
YPO New England

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