Conscious Leadership

The Seven Practices of Conscious Leadership

Kaley leverages Conscious Leadership commitments with leaders and companies to provide a lasting impact and access to new levels of effectiveness.

It’s fun to win the game… there are hours of practice that go into that victory.
These 7 Practices that you can do as a leader – and implement throughout your organization –  make Conscious Leadership a key part of your culture. Kaley takes each topic and makes it tangible in your specific organization.

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Take 100% Responsibility

End patterns of victimhood, blame and rescuing by having each person understand and feel empowered to take 100% responsibility.

Learn Through Curiosity

Change the tone of engagement by choosing to learn and grow over being right.


Finding the Wisdom in Feelings

Gain competitive advantage by enhancing emotional intelligence: complementing thinking with feelings and intuition.


Clearly Communicating

Open channels of communication by speaking with honesty, completeness and self-awareness and eliminating gossip.


Making and keeping clean agreements

Create a culture of integrity and trust through a consistent language and process for accountability.



Increase the value of each person and the collective by specifically giving and receiving authentic recognition.


Being In the Zone

Create unbelievable results by having everyone spend as much time as possible using their unique strengths and gifts.


No Size Fits All

Each organization is unique.  Kaley can help you tailor an additional practice to support your specific form of conscious leadership culture.

How Does it Work?

Through tailored presentations, facilitated exercises, and take-home practices, your team’s attitudes and behaviors will shift. Start with your senior team for leadership commitment, then grow your desired cultural traits throughout the entire organization. Each module can be a stand-alone topic for a corporate retreat. But when all seven are practiced in combination, typically taught in monthly installments, the magic happens.

How does the Enneagram Fit in?

Companies practicing Conscious Leadership find it dramatically enhanced when everyone knows their Enneagram Type and can use both the vocabulary and insights to accelerate cultural health. Learn more about the Enneagram.

15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

A new paradigm for sustainable success

Kaley leverages the 15 commitments with leaders and companies to provide a lasting impact and access to new levels of effectiveness. The book describes each commitment, what it looks in practice, and the (common) beliefs and behaviors that sabotage it. It offers the backdrop and live examples to give companies the incentive to use these commitments to change their cultures.

When reading is not enough, contact Kaley to guide you in making these commitments everyday practices of your people.

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“Kaley’s acute intellect and mastery of Conscious Leadership, coupled with her unbounded positive energy, helped transform my leadership potential and that of our team. She is deeply invested in our success. Our ability to think critically through challenges and celebrate strategic wins is a direct result of our work with her.”
Cali Tran
CEO, Valassis Digital
Kaley brings a level of positive energy and curiosity to studying the Enneagram and Conscious Leadership that is contagious! She is also the most knowledgeable person on Enneagram Types that I have worked with.
Katrina F. Sherrerd
CEO, Research Affiliates, LLC
“She has an unequalled ability to create a safe environment in order to maximize learning and personal growth. Her focus, energy and sensitivity have been instrumental in our process to learn how to communicate meaningfully.”
Eric Morin
CEO, Bouty
“Seldom do you find a true savant, but as it relates to the skills in creating authentic leadership skills, Kaley is truly accomplished. Kaley and her associates have made a significant impact improving our interpersonal skills and relationships.”
Steve Lockshin
Founder and Principal, AdvicePeriod
Kaley’s value in breaking down walls and reaching new levels of trust and communication will change the style of your meetings, their importance and your results. Kaley is also a true spirit, immediately likable and will quickly get your team where they need to go.

David Duncan
CEO, Silver Oak Cellars
"To the business leader who would bring trust and understanding back into the workplace, Kaley can navigate this journey from anywhere. Kaley is THE coach, facilitator, and cheerleader that got us there. It would not have happened without her."
Warren Farr
CEO, Refrigeration Sales Corporation
"In one word, Kaley is masterful. With great ease she leverages her wisdom, humor, and in the moment observations to craft a deeply memorable experience. Kaley is a powerful teacher, learner and partner. Hire her. You will not regret it!”
Chris Murchison
VP of Development and Culture, HopeLab
“Judged from a value for dollar perspective, she is perhaps the single best outside resource I have ever retained in my 20 years of leading companies. Her ability to seriously grab the attention of executives across all levels of an organization is extraordinary.”
Hugh Jones
President and CEO, Accuity, a Division of Reed Elsevier
“Kaley’s tools, insights, reflections, and pushes have allowed me to radically increase my effectiveness in every area of my life. I am a more effective executive, operator, thought leader, and person as a direct result of my work with Kaley.”
Sue Heilbronner
CEO, MergeLane

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