Executive Coaching

How it Works

Kaley’s coaching blends business savvy, keen intellect, emotional intuition and time devoted to you, so that you are better – everywhere in your life - for having worked with her.

360 Feedback

Using an interview-based 360, I see you through the eyes of your key constituents.  I then synthesize the feedback about you (to keep participants anonymous) into key areas that you can purposefully address.

Personality Assesment

The Enneagram personality assessment offers insight into why we do the things we do, especially the beliefs and behaviors that seem to regularly create difficulty both individually and interpersonally.

Values Inventory

Working in conjunction with ValueMentors, I help you understand your value priorities, how they influence the choices you make, and how you may have limited your choices through values-based assumptions.

Leader’s Retreat

The Leader’s Retreat provides an opportunity to see the path that brought you to where you are, understand the life experiences that have shaped who you are today, articulate the dreams you have, and identify the fears and blind spots that limit your greatest impact.


Like athletes operating at the highest level, corporate leaders know that they can benefit from an outside perspective to help them hone their skills. Ongoing coaching provides structure and accountability to implement the changes that make a difference. 


Great leaders find resources to support their growth. Here are some of my favorites.

My Approach

Coaching always begins with a conversation: “What do you hope to accomplish through coaching?” And the process includes many iterations of, “What are you working on and where are you stuck?”

There are many coaches with different styles; and chemistry matters. My approach is meet you where you are, believe in your potential, and provide the tools to help you reach your goals, against a backdrop of enhancing self-awareness. Like most investments, what you put in determines what you get out, and I’m impressed with the ROI my clients create for themselves.

Let’s Get Started
Kaley’s approach to Executive Coaching


Kaley is one of those special coaches who knows how to read people, understand what challenges they’re facing and help them address those challenges in a constructive way. With Kaley's coaching I got to a better place professionally, personally and emotionally.”
Tim Hodgson
Managing Partner, Alignvest Management
“Kaley has been a lifesaver for me and for my company by helping me view our challenges through an objective, experienced lens in order to successfully tackle them as they come. I'd recommend Kaley to anyone who is facing fast growth and values pragmatic, action-oriented counsel.”
Jared Simon
COO, HotelTonight
Working with Kaley has been transformative – both professionally and personally.  I have learned more about myself than I thought possible and have been able to apply those learnings on a daily basis across multiple facets of my life.”
Chris Smith
CEO, Ohana Real Estate Investors
“Kaley’s tools, insights, reflections, and pushes have allowed me to radically increase my effectiveness in every area of my life. I am a more effective executive, operator, thought leader, and person as a direct result of my work with Kaley.”
Sue Heilbronner
CEO, MergeLane
In one word, Kaley is masterful. With great ease she leverages her wisdom, humor, and in the moment observations to craft a deeply memorable experience. Kaley is a powerful teacher, learner and partner. Hire her. You will not regret it!”
Chris Murchison
VP of Development and Culture, HopeLab
I have personally worked with Kaley and have been astonished at her disarming power. Behind her bright smile and youthful energy lies a powerfully quick mind that can touch quickly the most difficult issues with sensitivity, care and courage.
Jim Kochalka, PhD
Leadership Psychologist,
Corporate Consultant

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