The Enneagram: Using Personality Insights to Enhance Effectiveness

Self Awarness

The Enneagram provides a profound shift in awareness. Unlike other models that put you in a box, the Enneagram helps you understand the fears and desires that cause actions – and how to get out of unproductive patterns.  It looks at nine distinct personality types, and focuses on why each type behaves in certain ways. Because it starts with motivation, it explains how you behave at your best versus at your worst  - and why those can be so different. Its insights allow you to become a better leader, spouse, parent and friend. 

Get a unique glimpse into your own personality
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Unlock Personality Insights with the Enneagram Course

What you'll get out of the self-paced, digestible course

Understand the 9-Type Personality System

Get grounded with an introduction to the Enneagram as a whole. Understand the symbol, how the nine types are related, and how stress affects behavior.

Dive Deep Into Each of the 9 Types

You’ll learn how each type shows up in the real world, what it’s like to work with each type, and what you can do to bring out the best in yourself and others.

Build Context for How You Operate

Discover which Enneagram types operate from each Center of Intelligence: instinctive (gut), heart, and head. This will offer insight into how you make decisions.

Expert Instruction and Support

Each 6-minute module in the series includes short videos facilitated by transformational executive coach, Kaley Klemp, and is accompanied by a written course guide.

Take the Enneagram Course

For Teams

The Enneagram is more than a personality model.
Like other tools (Myers-Briggs, PI, etc.) its nine distinct personality types offer insights into similarities and differences in leadership styles.

Unlike other tools, it gives leaders and teams an ability to identify behavioral patterns, plus an understanding of why people do what they do. This awareness provides a unique ability for leaders to make better choices, teams to interact more effectively, and the organization to perform at a higher level. 

How does CONSCIOUS Leadership Fit in? 

Grounded in the insights of Enneagram Type, the Seven Practices of Conscious Leadership provide complementary tools that amplify the power of individual leadership and interpersonal working relationships. Learn more about conscious leadership.

Teams who use the Enneagram:

Build Strong

Understand Motivation

Communicate Effectively

Give Clear


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For Couples

Couples often struggle to understand each other, get beneath the arguments that repeat, or feel seen for who they truly are. The Enneagram for Couples is a proven process for deepening understanding and compassion for any couple seeking deeper connection and intimacy.

Transform Your Relationship


See the motives for why you do what you do and the “warning signs” to prevent you from doing something you later regret.

Appreciate your partner

Understand their driving forces and behaviors, freeing you for empathy, acceptance and connection.


Recognize patterns so you can have meaningful conversations and navigate conflict in a way that is easier for you both. 

each other

Shift personality problems in order to be your best self – in your relationship and life.


“We brought Kaley and Delynn in to better understand ourselves, our personalities, our effect on those around us, and help us become better leaders. The Enneagram has resonated immediately, in no small part because of Delynn and Kaley.
Dave Wiskel
President & CEO, A.P. Plasman Inc
"Kaley brings a level of positive energy and curiosity to studying the Enneagram and Conscious Leadership that is contagious! She is also the most knowledgeable person on Enneagram Types that I have worked with."
Katrina F. Sherrerd
CEO, Research Affiliates, LLC
Kaley’s expertise in teaching the insights of the Enneagram is unparalleled. She brings a unique combination of wisdom and experience that can create profound shifts in thinking and behavior for individuals and groups.”
Mike Brown
Presidential Innovation Fellow, White House Presidential Innovation Fellows
"To the business leader who would bring trust and understanding back into the workplace, Kaley can navigate this journey from anywhere. Kaley is THE coach, facilitator, and cheerleader that got us there. It would not have happened without her."
Warren Farr
CEO, Refrigeration Sales Corporation
“From our top executives and terminal managers to our dispatchers and shop managers, all supervisors in our company have attended workshops led by Delynn and Kaley, and the results have been nothing short of astonishing.”
Greg Hodgen
President and COO, Groendyke Transport
"The Enneagram has been transformative for our organization and many people individually, and Kaley has been the cornerstone of our success with it. She is able to bring the tool to life, going far beyond the literature to practical applications that resonate."
Melanie Haskell
Managing Director, Ohana Realty

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