Kaley Klemp

Speaker and Executive Leadership Coach


Kaley Klemp is an author, executive coach to the C-Suite, and engaging speaker on leadership and growth. She speaks to companies, at conferences, and to audiences all over the world. Kaley’s keynote topics engage audiences and inspire action - personally and in their relationships - to be their best selves.

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Sample Topics

Creating a Drama-Free Office

A new paradigm for sustainable success

In this humorous, engaging session Kaley Klemp leads you through what it means to take 100% responsibility, and what happens when, instead of being accountable for your own experience, you fall into drama. She describes the three primary drama roles - the victim, villain and hero - and why they show up. Most importantly, she provides tools for how - individually and with your team (or family!)- you can shift back to 100% responsibility.

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Hugh Jones

President and CEO, Accuity, a Division of Reed Elsevier

“Judged from a value for dollar perspective, Kaley is perhaps the single best outside resource I have ever retained in my 20 years of leading companies. Kaley’s ability to seriously grab the attention of executives across all levels of an organization is extraordinary.”

Leading from Genius

Bringing out the best and your team

In this inspiring session, you learn how to spend more of your time doing what you both love and are best at doing. You’ll notice where you’re stuck in old roles, or where your time is misallocated. Through engaging stories, self-reflection and some partner sharing, you’ll identify the environments where you thrive – where you are in your zone of genius. You’ll leave with insight into your own unique genius, and ideas for how to get your team spending more time in their zone of genius, too.

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Chris Murchison

VP of Development and Culture, HopeLab

"In one word, Kaley is masterful. With great ease she leverages her wisdom, humor, and in the moment observations to craft a deeply memorable experience. Kaley is a powerful teacher, learner and partner. Hire her. You will not regret it!”

Don’t Change - Grow

Building on her TEDx Talk, Kaley Klemp guides audiences to drop the notion of change - because it doesn’t work. Instead, she guides you through the growth process, explaining how to break bad habits, while moving from criticism into appreciation. When you’ve completed her process, you get to be the best version of yourself.

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Ron Rubin

Ron Rubin

President, The Colony Group

“Having worked with Kaley for over a decade, I have had the privilege of experiencing the way she captures the attention of a room full of strangers or a team she has been working with for years.  Her presence and the connection she has with her audience is warm, focused and powerful.”

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"We knew we needed to find an exceptional talent to moderate our Founder’s Day. Kaley was an obvious choice and she did a phenomenal job. She led a group of 50+ leaders of some of the most innovative companies in the world through inspirational and educational exercises on leadership and accountability.
Kaley is an extraordinary speaker, motivator, and leader."

Mike Smerklo

Founder & MD, Next Coast Ventures
Former CEO, ServiceSource