Partners & Associates



Jim Warner

OnCourse International

Having worked with more than 1500 CEOs and countless executive teams, Jim is a recognized expert at helping individuals, couples and teams at both the enterprise and whole-life levels.


Jim Kochalka

Executive Insights

Jim Kochalka provides executive development and advisory services to business leaders and global firms.


Delynn Copley

The Copley Group

Delynn Copley has spent 30 years building, leading and inspiring teams. She works with YPO/WPO, executive teams, and individuals in her facilitation and coaching practice.

Paul Warner

Paul Warner

OnCourse International

Paul works intimately with individuals, families, and corporations looking to improve ROI, establish deeper authentic connections, and explore personal issues.


John Rex

John Rex

Rex Leadership

As the former CFO of major divisions of Microsoft, Novartis, and Kodak, John understands the intensity of leading complex businesses. As a coach, he helps executives and teams transform strong into superb.

Kay Stone

Kay Stone

Coach Kay

Kay is passionate about helping her clients lead their best lives. Through clarifying their key values and identifying barriers to change, Kay helps her clients become powerful agents of change within their relationships, families, and organizations.

John Rex

sue heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner

Sue is a seasoned startup CEO, advisor, investor, speaker and coach. Her experience as an operator and her grounding in conscious leadership make her an invaluable resource to leaders and teams.


David Lesser

Executive Confidant

David serves as an independent director on the board of a number of major growing businesses and non-profit organizations.

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