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The 80/80 Marriage — An accessible, transformative guide for couples seeking greater love, connection, and intimacy in our modern world.
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"Beautifully written and illustrated and brilliantly argued, any couple reading this will find themselves guided into new and challenging possibilities for their relationship, which if they take seriously and practice faithfully, will surely transform their consciousness, alter their behavior and fulfill their dreams. We heartily encourage all couples to read it with an open mind and a willing heart."
Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., authors of Getting the Love You Want.
"Times of dramatic societal change can undo close-in relationships, or strengthen them. This brilliant book offers a pathway for couples to deepen connectedness, calling forth the heart’s potential for generosity, trust, acceptance and compassion.”
Tara Brach, Author of Radical Acceptance and Radical Compassion
“Now more than ever, modern couples struggle to find love and connection in the midst of the complexities of modern life. The 80/80 Marriage offers a powerful solution. It gives couples practical tools for shifting out of keeping score and striving for fairness to a mindset of radical generosity.”
John Gray, Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
"One of the central struggles in modern relationships is the illusive sense of fairness. The 80/80 Marriage gives couples a new, more effective model for navigating this terrain, and a powerful way to begin feeling more connected and in love."
Lori Gottlieb, Author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
“Here’s a new approach to marriage and relationships that really works. Nate and Kaley Klemp, through their own marriage and interviews with scores of couples, give us a fresh perspective on handling the age-old issues of intimate relationships: communication, chores, money, sexuality and more. If you are keenly interested in creating more intimacy in your relationships, I encourage you to read the Klemp’s new book.”
Gay Hendricks, Ph.D, Author of The Big Leap and Conscious Loving (co-authored with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks)
"What's fair is not always equal and what's equal is not always fair. Nate and Kaley offer approachable exercises to shift from a 50/50 mindset to a relationship mindset, creating respect and true appreciation for every 21st century couple."
Eve Rodsky, Author of Fair Play
"The 80/80 Marriage takes us beyond the inevitable power struggles and the scarcity mentality of so many modern relationships. It is a brilliant way forward to deeper love and lasting happiness.”
Doug Abrams, Coauthor of 8 Dates (with John and Julie Gottman) and The Book of Joy (with The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu).
"This book will be hugely helpful to everyone except divorce lawyers. It’s filled with profound insights about reframing your relationship, along with specific tips on everything from date nights to chore dividing to screen avoidance. Thank you for writing it."
A.J. Jacobs, Author of The Year of Living Biblically, The Know it All, and Thanks a Thousand.
"The core insight of this book is of vital importance: good marriages depend on virtues beyond fairness.  Equality is not enough: only generosity will do.  And a narrow focus on equality can get in the way.  Nate and Kaley have written a book with important lessons not only for marriages, but partnerships and communities of all kinds.”
Stephen Macedo, Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Politics at Princeton University and Author of Just Married.
"Nate and Kaley Klemp’s The 80/80 Marriage offers a new model of marriage for a new generation of couples. Instead of arguing over fairness, they call for a shift to a mindset of radical generosity. Instead of asking “what’s best for me?” they call for a shift to a spirit of shared success. It’s the perfect, step-by-step, guidebook for making relationships work in the modern age - not just at home, but throughout all of our life."
Chip Conley, New York Times Bestselling Author, Strategic Advisor to Airbnb, and Founder of the Modern Elder Academy
"Kaley and Nate take a headlong dive, fearlessly and with humor, into the assumptions underlying the ‘modern marriage.’ Drawing on recent research and a wide range of personal interviews, they help us see why so many of our views of how marriage ought to work are flawed. The prescription they arrive at leaves lots of room for our different personalities and inclinations, but its core premise—putting us before me and you—is compelling and inspiring.”
Barry Boyce, Founding Editor, Mindful magazine and mindful.org
“The 80-80 Marriage offers an original framework for thinking about marriage success based on a fundamental spirit of generosity. It’s worked for us!”
Lauren Smart, retired finance executive, and Dr. Geoff Smart, Chairman of ghSMART and Author of Who and Power Score.
“Entrepreneurs and busy professionals face the constant challenge of trying to achieve success at work while also staying connected to their partners at home. The 80/80 Marriage offers a powerful solution. It’s a practical guide for creating a new mindset and structure in marriage built to handle the pressures of real life.”
Brad Feld, Foundry Group and co-author (with his wife Amy Batchelor) of The Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur
"80/80 will take your marriage to the next level!”
Tommy Spaulding, New York Times Bestselling author of The Heart-Led Leader

Every business dynamic

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The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

The book describes each commitment, what it looks like in practice, and the common beliefs and behaviors that sabotage it. Work with Kaley to address these challenges.
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Meet Kaley

KALEY WARNER KLEMP is an engaging, highly sought after speaker, certified YPO Forum Facilitator, and transformational executive coach. She advises senior executives on how to uncover and address core challenges, provides them with proven tools and methods to reach new heights, and uses her years of experience to guide leaders towards achieving their goals.  Additionally, she supports high performing teams using the Conscious Leadership practices  to help high performing teams create a culture of authenticity and superior results.

Kaley is a master enneagram specialist, helping individuals and organizations outperform their competitors by unlocking a deeper understanding of what motivates and drives people.  Kaley co-authored The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, and The Drama-Free Office and wrote The 13 Guidelines for Effective Teams.

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Executive Coaching

Kaley is committed to helping leaders enhance team communication and interaction. The benefits are priceless for your organization.

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Bring the 7 Practices into your organization that create a culture of conscious leadership, and see your people thrive. 

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Does your Forum want to move to the next level? As a professional YPO-certified facilitator, I ensure your retreat has the impact you desire.

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Using the Enneagram, a revolutionary system that describes the 9 personality types in great detail, Kaley guides individuals and teams to dive beneath typical behavioral models and understand “why” individuals behave the way they do.

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How the Enneagram Saved my Marriage

People who know me well know that I love the Enneagram. I appreciate that the system is dynamic, allows people to grow and develop, and provides helpful hints on how to bring out our inherent best.

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How NOT to use the Enneagram

You’ve bought into the power of the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness, enhancing team dynamics, and more effective modes of thinking and behavior... but what are the misuses of the tool that could undermine the effort?

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Addressing the Enneagram Skeptic

The Enneagram symbol has lines and arrows. The system talks about wings, and looks a little crazy. People sometimes ask me, “Is this a bunch of hocus pocus?”

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Working with Kaley has been transformative – both professionally and personally.  I have learned more about myself than I thought possible and have been able to apply those learnings on a daily basis across multiple facets of my life.”
Chris Smith
CEO, Ohana Real Estate Investors
“Kaley’s tools, insights, reflections, and pushes have allowed me to radically increase my effectiveness in every area of my life. I am a more effective executive, operator, thought leader, and person as a direct result of my work with Kaley.”
Sue Heilbronner
CEO, MergeLane
"Outside of my family, no one has had a greater impact on my professional life and understanding of myself than Kaley. She is truly a master at getting people to know and explore themselves. I couldn't possibly recommend her more highly."
Nick Mehta
CEO, Gainsight
"Kaley brings a level of positive energy and curiosity to studying the Enneagram and Conscious Leadership that is contagious! She is also the most knowledgeable person on Enneagram Types that I have worked with."
Katrina F. Sherrerd
CEO, Research Affiliates, LLC
"Kaley has an unequalled ability to create a safe environment in order to maximize learning and personal growth. Her focus, energy and sensitivity have been instrumental in our process to learn how to communicate meaningfully."
Eric Morin
CEO, Bouty
"The Enneagram has been transformative for our organization and many people individually, and Kaley has been the cornerstone of our success with it. She used the tool to foster deep understanding, empathy, and team building."
Melanie Haskell
Managing Director, Ohana Realty
“From our top executives and terminal managers to our dispatchers and shop managers, all supervisors in our company have attended workshops led by Delynn and Kaley, and the results have been nothing short of astonishing.”
Greg Hodgen
President and COO, Groendyke Transport
“Judged from a value for dollar perspective, Kaley is perhaps the single best outside resource I have ever retained in my 20 years of leading companies. Kaley’s ability to seriously grab the attention of executives across all levels of an organization is extraordinary.”
Hugh Jones
President and CEO, Accuity, a Division of Reed Elsevier
“Kaley is one of the most truly special people that I have had the good fortune of working with. She is an extension of my team and one of my most trusted confidantes. Kaley gave us the tools to purposely build the culture we wanted.”
Larry Miles
Principal, AdvicePeriod
Kaley’s expertise in teaching the insights of the Enneagram is unparalleled. She brings a unique combination of wisdom and experience that can create profound shifts in thinking and behavior for individuals and groups.”
Mike Brown
Presidential Innovation Fellow, White House Presidential Innovation Fellows
"Kaley’s acute intellect and mastery of Conscious Leadership, coupled with her unbounded positive energy, helped transform my leadership potential and that of our team. We are a better team – and I am a more effective leader – because of our investment with her.”
Cali Tran
CEO, Valassis Digital
"Kaley has facilitated my forum retreat the last 3 years. Our forum has grown as a group and I’ve learned so much about myself during our retreats with her. Kaley is an 11 out of 10."
John Udelson,
YPO New England
CEO and Founder, Crane & Lion
YPO New England

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